Hypnosis Therapy Enriching Women | Overcome Fears and Phobias
Hypnosis For Women

Enriching the lives of women and enhancing their performance through hypnosis and coaching.

Challenges  &  Solutions

Improving Health & Wellness

Health and wellbeing incorporates a vast array of issues including anxiety, smoking, weight management, pain and so many more.

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Enhancing Performance

Would you like to do better in your chosen sport, at work or just with life in general?
There are a variety of obstacles that might get in your way of being the best you can be when performing.

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Overcoming Fears & Phobias

Are you letting fears or phobias stop you from enjoying your life fully? Perhaps you don’t travel because you’re afraid of flying, can’t give blood because you’re scared of needles or have never tried something new because you have a fear of failure? Hypnosis can help.

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About  Me

I am extremely passionate about enriching the lives of other women and enhancing their performance in sports, at work or life in general to help them create a life of greater happiness and fulfillment.

As a child I was anxious and shy, not wanting to put myself “out there” and face rejection, and growing into adulthood that didn’t really change. So I think it was a surprise not only to my family but also to myself when I joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) at age 19 and ended up on the other side of Australia away from everyone and everything I knew. In 1994 I married my husband Scott, had a daughter, Jacinta, in 1997 and discharged from the RAAF in 1998.

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I went and saw Trina for hypnosis to stop smoking, Trina made me feel very comfortable with the process of hypnotherapy. She gave me tools to cope with not smoking. I am still a non-smoker. I highly recommend Trina for hypnosis.
Ros N.

I went to see Trina to stop smoking and couldn’t be happier! After only 1 session I am now a non smoker.. yay. Trina was lovely and made me feel very comfortable. I am now a huge believer of hypnosis. Thank you so much Trina.
Bronwyn G.

I went to see Trina as I was a chronic nail biter. There are no before pics, but I can assure you they were probably the smallest little nails you have ever seen. Anyway … I no longer need to hide my hands as I have quite nice nails now image🙂 If I could share pics, I would … I have shared them just on Trina’s page if anyone is interested in seeing them image🙂 Thanks Trina
Sheryl E.

The hypnosis sessions that I had done were to improve my confidence and reduce my nerves whilst driving, after having the sessions I found that I was driving with a lot more confidence and I wasn’t so nervous about things, I also found myself wanting to drive a lot more.
Maddi G.

My sincere thanks to Trina with just 3 hypnotherapy sessions I have now lost over 20kg and my medical problems are now normal.

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