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About Me

I am extremely passionate about enriching the lives of other women and enhancing their performance in sports, at work or life in general to help them create a life of greater happiness and fulfillment as a Clinical hypnotherapist in Atwell.

As a child I was anxious and shy, not wanting to put myself “out there” and face rejection, and growing into adulthood that didn’t really change. So I think it was a surprise not only to my family but also to myself when I joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) at age 19 and ended up on the other side of Australia away from everyone and everything I knew. In 1994 I married my husband Scott, had a daughter, Jacinta, in 1997 and discharged from the RAAF in 1998.

Over the years I have faced some difficult times but also had some very positive experiences. I’ve had a number of health issues to overcome (some of which are still ongoing) and in 2012 tragedy struck my family when my 41 year old very fit, and seemingly healthy, husband died from a heart attack leaving myself and my family grief stricken. Despite these challenges I am also thankful for them now as they have brought out an inner strength that I didn’t realise I had and demonstrated how, with the support and love of family and friends as well as help from professionals I can handle just about anything. I am also grateful for the years I had with Scott, the travelling I’ve done both within Australia and overseas and the ups and downs experienced as a mum.

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For the past 10 years I’ve also been a passionate equestrian, leasing and owning a few different horses and having a variety of experiences with them. I was as happy hanging out in the paddock with them as I was riding and competing. I have always had lessons to improve my skills and training of my horses and although I did compete in 2 days Events my real love was Show – Jumping. Although circumstances have now resulted in me being without a horse of my own I still consider myself very much a “horsey chick”.

Professionally, since leaving the RAAF I’ve studied and worked in a number of different careers both paid and volunteer but it was my love for horses that has led me to my current profession as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Due to having an anxiety disorder combined with a large animal with a mind of its own, and a number of falls, I began to suffer extreme anxiety when horse riding (to the point where I was going to give it up) so hypnosis therapy was suggested by a friend. Due to the massive positive impact the hypnosis had on my life I decided to study it so I could use it to also make a positive impact on the lives of other women.

Prior to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I worked in a variety of administration roles, counselling and coaching positions, family support worker, as a Career Transition Services Advisor and a business owner. I’ve studied and attended many professional courses and workshop and continue to do so to maintain my professional standards, but the most relevant qualifications I hold as a Hypnotherapist are:

  • Certificate in Hypnotism
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching
  • Diploma of Professional Counselling

As a result of all my experiences I have an appreciation for being open and loving towards family and friends and to make the most of my life. I now use my life experiences and training to help women enrich their lives and enhance their performance, whether that is at work, in sports or just life in general like providing hypnotherapy for depression, anxiety, quit smoking, overcome fears and phobias

If you would like to have a 15 minute chat about how I might help you, please call me on 0422 355 171

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