Check Different Hypnotherapy Packages for Women in Atwell

Individual Appointments

15 Minute Phone Conversation – Free
Book this appointment to find out more about my hypnotherapy services or ask questions. In this conversation, the focus is on the way the process works, not to address your issues. If you wish to discuss the challenges you are facing please book a discovery session.

Discovery Session – $80
This initial session of up to 45 minutes is used to discuss in-depth, the issues you are facing and the best method of addressing them during subsequent appointments. Although hypnosis is not carried out during this session, I may use other techniques with you or teach you simple strategies you can use outside of sessions (depending on your needs).

Standard Session – $100
For second and subsequent sessions of up to 60 mins, various methods or strategies are used to address your issues including, but not limited to, hypnosis, energy tapping techniques and/or performance coaching. If you have not seen me before, you need to book an initial discovery session.

Bootcamp Session – $250
This session, of up to 2 hours, is designed for clients who may be living outside the Perth metropolitan area or interstate, that prefer to have a more intense and in-depth session. In addition to the usual 45 minute discussion about your issues, this session also includes hypnosis, other strategies and also techniques you can use when you are not with me.


Smoking Cessation Package – $1000
The smoking cessation package is a flat fee of $1000. You will need to purchase the package first which will generate a code to use when booking your appointments. The cost includes a discovery session and 2 standard sessions (the second standard session must be booked for 5-10 days after the first standard session). No refunds will be given if you choose not to attend all sessions or cancel without providing the required 24 hours notice. Please ensure you are coming because YOU want to give up smoking and that you are not doing it for someone else.

Gift Certificates

Discovery Gift Certificate – $80
This is the gift of exploration and discovery. The recipient of this gift certificate will receive an initial 45 min session with me. We will discuss the issues they are facing and go through some simple techniques and strategies that might assist them in addressing the challenges they face. The Discovery Gift Certificate does not include hypnosis which is conducted in the second and subsequent sessions. Therefore, if you would like the recipient to benefit from hypnotherapy as well, please purchase the Hypnotherapy Gift Certificate.

Hypnotherapy Gift Certificate – $180
This is a gift of discovery and change during two sessions. The recipient of this gift certificate will spend time with me in the first session discovering what is holding them back from overcoming any challenges they are facing, and learning simple techniques and strategies that might be of benefit. In the subsequent session, hypnosis is used to address and overcome the obstacles in their way.

Prices may change without notice so for full appointment T&C’s and up-to-date prices please visit